Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recipe Shares

I would like to share a few great recipes I have found online with you. As you may know I have 4 kids and a husband and each one of them has their own quirks and eating habits. None of them seem to like the same things unless it is a frozen pizza pop lol But after making the tried and true dinners every night for months I have been on a search to switch it up a bit.

The first one I want to share is the No Peeking Beef Tips that you can find over at Mommy's Kitchen. We had it tonight and let me just say how friggin awesome it is! Each one of the kids ate it with a smile (Hallehlooooooyah!) Hubs hates cream of mushroom soup but he had no idea it was even in there! This one is a keeper for sure.

The next is from The Domestic Momma & Villiage Cook It's little hashbrown breaky cups. They are great when you are cooking for a lot - like my kids and a sleep over party. I would like to try them with chopped sausage next time in place of the bacon though. I'm sure they would be just a nice.

This one really isn't a dinner, more like an appy or party treat. But baby, these be gooood! Hope on over to this Flickr account and see how to whip up some mini taco's and salad for dinner! These are also great for bringing to school and for taking to parties etc.

I hope to find some more excellent recipes to share with you all (all 2 of my faithful readers lol)
Until then, happy munching :)