Saturday, April 28, 2012

I gave my best...but I guess my best wasn't good enough

     Do you have a friend who is very high maintenance? You know the type...It's all about them, what they do, what they need, what you can do for them? Yeah you know the type. I'm sure they are wonderful people, deep down under all that want and need, but sometimes the price of friendship is too much to keep at it. Sometimes a person does not have the energy to keep up with the high maintenance friend anymore.    
     I know it is hard to stop the drama. But sometimes you just have to tell the other person that enough is enough! I know my friend and I just went through this. I love her to bits but the drama in her life was taking over mine! I was dreaming about it, waking up at night thinking about it and during the day it was always in my thoughts. Sometimes enough is enough and even though the other person needs you for comfort or for the shoulder to cry on, you just can't be there in that way any longer.  
     If you have a friend like this and you can not take the drama and upheaval anymore try telling them that you can't do it. I know it's hard, it was for me. But you have to do this to save your own sanity. Some times they don't even know they are unloading all this crap onto you and are surprised that it is even bothering you! My friend understood when I told her that I just couldn't take it anymore. I was sorry she was going through a terrible time and I understood she needed some one to vent to, but it was too much for me. I have enough crap in my own life to deal with honestly. I hope we can get through this time and move on to an even stronger friendship in the future. If not, then I gave my best....

Friday, April 20, 2012

I've got a feeling...

I am feeling better today than I have for a few days. I don't know why I was feeling so crappy but it seems to be gone now. Maybe because the sun is out today that I miraculously feel better? I love the sun but hate that it shows my dirty windows lol I really should get to cleaning them today lol

I am supposed to go out tonight to my BCF's and stay over and have a girly BBQ and some drinks, but the more I am thinking about it, the more I just feel like staying home. We shall see if I am more inclined to do it tomorrow night instead...although it was my idea in the first place, I am sure she won't mind.

Crazy things have been going on lately. My BFF and I are kinda walking on some egg shells lately. Her live in boyfriend and I don't get along. The dudes a mooch and he needs to go, but she doesn't listen. So it's kind of hard to be around her when she knows that I don't like him. Hell no one likes him lol but I guess she likes him so that's all that her. Her doesn't treat her very well. Ever have a situation like this? I am trying my hardest not to care about her situation but it's hard. Oh well, someday she will see the light and see that this guy is a user and abuser. But until then, I will just cool it and let her find her way.

Thinking I may do a round of thrift shopping today. I friggin love thrift shopping! Thrift stores and me get along great :) I love to sift through everything and see what unique things I can find. There is always something to pique my interest. Some sort of deal that I can get in on. If I find something good, I will post it for my one loyal reader, who ever you are hahaha!

I'm off to enjoy the sun! Have a nice day :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weird feeling....

I'm not gonna blog too much tonight. I have some things I want to share but it can wait. I am sitting here dizzy and feeling strange. I don't know if I am over tired or coming down with something but my thoughts are all jumbled and I won't do a very good post if I keep at it. So tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I can share some news with you all...well all one of you who read hahaha G'night!

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Monday and it's 7:11...I'm screwed!

Ever have one of those days? Well of course you have, but today was one of "those" days times 200 for me!

I have this thing with the time 7:11...I don`t know what it is. I have a little OCD and this is an extension of it, but man oh man if I see that time on any clock I just know it`s going to be one of those days. So of course this morning I see the stupid number and my whole day went downhill from there! Yikes! 

I should have known when I woke up that it would have been best if I had just turned around and went right back to bed. But Monday or not, I had things to do so I couldn't really just throw in the towel on the day! 

So my bad day got progressively worse and finally it ended with a big climax and a bunch of BS...none if which was anything to do with me but I was pulled into it anyhow. Ugghhh 

Let's hope tomorrow is wonderful and makes up for the crappy Monday today turned out to be :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Painting the town....GREEN?

Lately I have been trying very hard to "Go Green!" But it is sooooo hard when there are all these ideas and you don't know where to start. Our slow but sure greening is coming along and I'm actually proud of myself and my little family but it's hard to completely erase our footprint on this old earth with out a few toe marks being left...

We already recycle (we were forced to through town bylaws, although it's all good) almost everything. Our community only allows 1 garbage can every 2 weeks. We recycle our food compost and can put that out every week as well as recycling every 2nd week. You know how hard is it to only have 1 garbage can of garbage every 2 weeks? I have a houseful of 6 people, so it took a while to get everyone on the ball to recycle as much as we could. After a crack down by me, we have now brought our garbage down to 1 bag every second week or so. That's fantastic considering we used to take out a bag every second day! Most times we only put the garbage can out once a month!

We had a nice little garden last year and are going even bigger this year. We rent our house and I know the owners wouldn't mind us using the yard to grow a garden but I hate digging up the grass when we aren't the home owners. So we are going to try pallet gardening this year. My cousin owns a greenery business and they have a ton of pallets that they don't end up using so I can get them from her for free. Although I have talked to a lot of people and it seems pallets are not that hard to come by, most really cheap, if not free. While you are checking out the pallet gardening, sift through the awesome tips from Backyard Diva on facebook. She is a supreme gardener and lives just a couple of towns away from me. She has such great ideas and a lot of them can be made quite cheap...which serves me fine because I happen to be very cheap :)

I am thinking about planting some salad greens in planters as well. I was at the Farmers Market today and saw a small planter with Arugula, Radicchio, Baby beet greens, loose leaf lettuce and a couple more salad goodies. It seems like a great idea and if I do a few of them up I can harvest more then once a week for fresh salads.

I love to hear of others "Greening" ideas. I am willing to try to do as much as I can to make my family more conscious of how we are treating the earth. I am also trying to show the kids how important it is to be as self sustainable as possible because it's so important!

On another note, I am apparently the computer fixer for all my friends and although I don't mind it some times I can go a little overboard. Which thankfully my husband pointed out - what a guy! 

My friends gave me a laptop the other day to check out. Someone wants to sell it to them and they turned it on and saw a few minor blips and were worried it was a waste of their money. So anyhow, I came home, fired it up and went to work. First thing that hits me is that it's WinXP. I should have known when it was a square, heavy as a Mo-Fo case...this puppy is an OLDY! But hey that's ok, I can still salvage it, if the hard drive is ok and everything works, right? 

So while I am working away, checking it out, the screen goes dim. I think "Oh it's unplugged, that may be the trouble" so I plug it in, the screen goes dimmer, slowly, until I can hardly make out anything on the screen. Hmmm...this ain't good. So I search on the internet for an hour. It sounds like the backlight. This computer is ancient, I don't think they'd want to replace the backlight on it, so strike two. Anyhow, I work around that and get it all set up for the internet but can't get it to go online through the wireless. I plug in my little handy dandy aerial and update, download, update again and download some more. Nothing. It just won't do it. Ugghh Strike three because if you can't go wireless with your laptop, then it becomes a desktop. And soon a paperweight on the desktop :)

By now I have spent almost 3 hours playing with it and figuring things out. (Thankfully it was a Saturday afternoon and the kids were out and busy) So I am frustrated, cursing it, slamming stuff around and sighing heavily.  My hubby comes in t he kitchen and laughs at me. I say "WHAT?" in my favorite 'I will eat your young' voice. He says, "It's not even your laptop, I don't know why you are getting so frustrated about it..." OMG he's right! Here I am swearing and sweating away working on a laptop that isn't even mine! A choir sang in my head and fireworks exploded around me! (No, not really, but that would be so cool!) 

Needless to say, I put the old bird back in it's bag and shipped it back off to the friends with the sad report of no, don't buy it. I know I could have said, buy it if it's cheap, it would be a good secondary computer for the kids to bang around on. But I didn't and you know why? Because I would just be the one they came to when it needed fixing and I don't want to be frustrated over it because it's not mine :)