Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bumping Along

     I think I have come a long way from, let's say, 5 years ago. We made a huge 3500 mile move, we downsized, we reconnected and we lost a few along the way. The one thing that sticks out in my mind though is the way I personally have changed. Of course my kids have changed, hubby has changed and places have changed, but my own thoughts and feelings have changed the most I think.

     Things are slower now. Life isn't the hustle and bustle it used to be. I'm sure the kids would see it differently because they hustle and bustle more then ever. But for me, life is taking a few small steps instead of running now. I can sit and read for hours and be perfectly content to do so. Before I always had some nagging thought to bring me to put my books down and go do something. Maybe I am getting lazier now, I don't know. But life just seems to have slowed to a nice leisurely pace rather than the roller coaster ride it used to be. The same things that bothered me to get done right away before, just float through now. Eventually they get done and some times half-assed, but they get done. I spend more time connecting with people than rushing around with a quick hello. It's almost as if I have learned what is important and what isn't in life. And it's not too shabby :)

     On another note, my 19 tomato plants aren't doing to badly this year. I have a lot of plum tomatoes coming along and there is going to be a lot of salsa and freezer tomatoes going to be had when it's all said and done! My little pecker pepper plant is plodding along...only 1 blossom so far but it's getting there. I bought  a plant from BackYard Diva this spring at the artisan sale and I can't wait to see my first "pecker" pepper! They are supposed to look like this when they are done -

Let's hope I at least get one this year! It's quite a novelty to grow penis' in your garden you know :)

     Lately, along with being lazier, I have become quite a fan of the "free" list on kijiji and craigslist. I am always searching there to see what I can pick up! I have been a member of freecycle for awhile now and encourage everyone to join the one in your area! It's nice to pick up something you had been looking for on there for free and save it from the dump. Also it is a good way to get rid of things that you don't have a need for anymore as someone is always looking for something that you have. Currently I am searching for a old kitchen table and chairs that I can re-do and so far I have been beaten out on a couple but the one I want and am really looking for will come along soon, I know it! I'm in no rush...



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