Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Monday and it's 7:11...I'm screwed!

Ever have one of those days? Well of course you have, but today was one of "those" days times 200 for me!

I have this thing with the time 7:11...I don`t know what it is. I have a little OCD and this is an extension of it, but man oh man if I see that time on any clock I just know it`s going to be one of those days. So of course this morning I see the stupid number and my whole day went downhill from there! Yikes! 

I should have known when I woke up that it would have been best if I had just turned around and went right back to bed. But Monday or not, I had things to do so I couldn't really just throw in the towel on the day! 

So my bad day got progressively worse and finally it ended with a big climax and a bunch of BS...none if which was anything to do with me but I was pulled into it anyhow. Ugghhh 

Let's hope tomorrow is wonderful and makes up for the crappy Monday today turned out to be :)

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